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Thursday, July 1, 2010

My Blog and My Website (

Originally posted in 2010

My blog has been active for a couple of weeks now and I noticed that I have a few followers. Thank you to my loyal followers. I have offered the link to others who are connected to my family tree, also. I was hoping for more comments and feedback from people. Then my husband attempted to sign-up to follow my blog. Because he did not already have some sort of account setup, he had to go through the process. It would appear that they don’t make it very easy. He is extremely technical on a computer and said that was a slow process, errorred at one point, and appeared to timeout. He eventually was able to sign-up. I hope that others have not had to go through that.

At this point, I plan to beef up my website and display a more prominent link to my blog. Maybe that is the answer. My goal with the blog is to generate interest from others of whom I am possibly related, discuss what has to offer, and discuss other genealogy research options with maybe a little sense of humor. I love to have fun, share my success, and try to learn from situations that haven’t provided what I’m looking for on my family tree.

I guess my guiding principles in this endeavor are to communicate effectively, network with others, research successfully, and have fun! Can you tell that I worked in corporate America for over 15 years? I may come up with a mission statement too.

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