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Monday, July 26, 2010

Patrick Flanagan - Part 3

"Patrick Flanagan to John A. Stanly: Know all men by these presents; That I, Patrick Flanagan of the County of Napa and State of California in consideration of the sum of fifteen hundred dollars to me in hand paid do hereby assign transfer and set over to John A. Stanly of the City of San Francisco and State aforesaid all my right title and interest in and to certain agreement made on the 10th day of June 1870, between Edward Stanly and myself for the sale and purchase of Lotero (spelling?) 10 of the "Rancho Rincon de los Carneros" upon terms and condition therein expressed, which said agreement is recorded in Book "C" of Miscellaneous Records of Napa County on page 194-5 & 9. Witness my hand and seal this 6th day of September 1873, (signed) Patrick Flanagan."

The above is an excerpt from the deed to the Flanagan Ranch. My grandfather kept a copy of the deed. This is one of those "little treasures" found in "the box" that my Mom brought to me. I took a closer look inside the envelop today that includes the deed. Other papers have been placed in this envelop.

To my surprise, there is a plot/lot division breakdown of the Flangan Ranch. The property was divided among the living Flanagan children (Louie, Mary, Dick, Jack, and Ed) of Patrick and Kate after their deaths. The title company has very specific line divisions drawn breaking up the property. My Grandma wrote on each section who the owner was.

I also found Assessment lists of the County of Napa for Patrick Flanagan's property for 1886, 1891, and 1892. These are the originals. Patrick signed them too. Oh and there is one for Michael Flanagan from 1891. It indicates M. Flannigan and written on it are the words "Gone Up".  The form has an "x" drawn through the page. I guess that they were trying to indicate that Michael had left Napa. He was in fact back in Ireland.

I have to comment here on the spelling of the Flanagan name, or rather the mispelling. It would appear that county officials and census takers alike thought the name was spelled Flannigan or even Flanegan. It makes it interesting to try and locate my Flanagan's in Napa at times. They were there and so the deed began the ownership of the Flanagan Ranch in Carneros.

To be continued.............

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