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Friday, July 16, 2010

Searching for a Richard Flanagan - Part 1

In my current endeavor of my family tree, I am on a mission to find a Richard Flanagan.  Now, don't get me wrong, I have seven Richard Flanagan's on my tree.  I know who they are, were they came from, and how they all connect to one another.  This Richard does fit right in and wrote a number of letters to his Flanagan brothers and Uncle.  When this Richard died, the link to his family line went with him.

Richard Flanagan was born in Termonfechin, County Louth, Ireland, in 1830.  He moved to London and spent the rest of his life there.  He married Maria Cutler on January 24, 1873 in Clapton, England.  They had a daughter, Kathleen Flanagan, on September 7, 1873 in Poplar, London, England.  She married a Mr. Henry Windgrove in London, born around 1874 in Chelmsford, Essex, England. They had a son named Norman Windgrove.  So where does the story go from there?  We don't know and would definitely like to know this information. 

We have a fairly complete Flanagan Family Tree with many people in contact with each other.  Many of the source records are private family records, letters, diaries, and ledgers.  While a lot of this information has been shared with various libraries and other organizations, it will not necessarily be found on or other large worldwide repositories. 

My mission, and I've chosen to accept it, is to network here, on, with Clan Flanagan, and other message boards to find this long lost Flanagan family line.

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