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Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Flanagan and McLaughlin Union at St. John's

On September 1, 1904, at the old St. John the Baptist Catholic Church in Napa, California, John Francis Flanagan and Mary Elizabeth McLaughlin were united in marriage. They were my great grandparents. My grandparents were also married in the old church along with my mom being baptized there.
The old church is no more. In the late 1960s, a new church with modern architecture was constructed. It has the address of 983 Napa Street, Napa, California 94559. My parents were married in the new church and I was baptized there. In the United States, we always seem to consider buildings to be a disposable commodity but over a longer period of time than say clothing or the like. I suppose the old church was not suitable in earthquake country so needed to be replaced. That’s a fair assumption but think about all of the history that is lost in the process. I do speak from experience. I did go to school in a 100 year old building in Vallejo, California that is no longer used as a school. It can’t be because of issues with seismic requirements or something like that. The history still lives on for that location since it is still there, for now.

As for the old St. John’s, I found a picture of it on St. John’s website. What a gorgeous building! What a shame that it is gone. I have found that many people, including Church leaders, in this life have their own agenda. The new church was on the agenda in the 1960s and the old “dry rotted”, earthquake damaged church was not. Apparently restoration was not an option that was chosen at the time.

What can I say about John Francis “Jack” Flanagan and Mary Elizabeth “Minnie” McLaughlin. I have accumulated little bits and pieces here and there. I am trying to organize them for future posts but I do not think that I could do them justice right now. I continue on my quest for information about Jack and Minnie Flanagan.

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