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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Flanagan's Circa 1690 - The Battle of the Boyne

Recently, I had the opportunity to consult with my Ireland Flanagan's who are subject matter experts on the family line.  They indicated that a James Flanagan likely came to County Louth circa 1690 from Roscommon for the Battle of the Boyne.  He must have also invited at least two of his brothers to come with him.  Peter and Patrick joined their brother in the local fight.

The Battle of the Boyne was fought in July 1690 between two individuals claiming the English, Scottish, and Irish thrones.  They were Catholic King James and Protestant King William.  As you can guess, James lost and thus there was continuatuion of the Protestant rule in Ireland.  That battle took place near Drogheda, County Louth.  The armies took stand on opposite sides of the River Boyne.  For the British, this was a war of Protestants versus Catholics.  For the Irish, it was a sectarian and ethnic conflict.  Most of Catholic King James' troups were Catholic, of course. 

It sounds like James was not real swift as a leader in battle.  Based on some comments from my expert Flanagan's, it sounds as though this "kind of civil war" had its confusion.  Brother may have been fighting brother during the battle.  Apparently the casualty death count was low for the time.  I've found online that only 2,000 perished even though 50,000 were involved.

This important event in history caused my Flanagan's to migrate east to County Louth and there they remained.  Patrick's line is definitely there as I suppose James' and Peter's lines were and/or are still represented in the area.  While the Flanagan surname does not originate in Louth, the Battle of the Boyne does shed some light on how they ended up there.  I wonder if that's how the Maguire's ended up there too.  They do live right next door to the Flanagan's.  A Flanagan and a Maguire married in the early 1800s.  Can you imagine that?  That's not a big surprise, I suppose.  John married his neighbor Anne.  They had 11 children including my great-great grandfather, Patrick, his brothers Michael, Nicholas, Richard, John, and Peter.  I have mentioned all of them in my blog.  I will need to post about the rest of the children in that family, most of which are the women.

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