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Friday, August 27, 2010

Ignatius Joseph Flanagan

Ignatius Joseph Flanagan, or "Nash" (pronounced with a long "a"), was the third child born to Patrick and Kate Flanagan in Napa, California.  He was born on April 2, 1875.  I have him passing away in 1918.  He never married nor had any children.  This is an ongoing trend with Pat's and Kate's children.  Only three of the eight married and only two had children.  As I can imagine, mortality rates were still rather high in the late 1800s, early 1900s.  A bad influenza, pneumonia, or cough could end a life for some people at a young age.  To me, it just seems like too many lives were cut short on this Flanagan Family Line.

I find Nash in the 1880, 1900, and 1910 U.S. Census living exactly where I expect him to be in Napa, California.  He also worked on the Flanagan Ranch.  I am betting that Edward and Nash were close as brothers since they must have spent a lot of time together tending to the farm.  My great-grandfather, Jack Flanagan, was just 3 years younger than Nash.  I would assume that they spent a lot of time together too.  I do know that Jack had other ambitions on his mind but he was still close with his family.

Nash filled out his WWI draft registration card with the following information:  Ignatius Joseph Flanagan, Napa, Cal., age 43, born April 2, 1875; Occupation: Farmer employed by "myself"; Nearest Relative:  Katherine Mary Flanagan; Height: Medium with a stout build; Eyes: Light Brown, Hair: Light Brown.

It is funny because when I tried to see what the categories are clearly, I paged back to the immediately previous registration on and it was Edward Flanagan's.  I have reviewed and commented on Edward's registration already.  When I compare the two, I find it funny that Edward said that Kate Flanagan was his employer while Nash said that he was self-employed.  Also, Nash is indicated as being stout.  When I page forward, I find John Francis Flanagan's and Louis Alphonsus Flanagan WWI draft registration forms.  While the pages appear to be in alphabetical order, they were signed and completed on September 12, 1918.

Did all of the brothers go downtown and register together?  It is the military so maybe they told them when to show up and then put the forms in alphabetical order.  Louis is slender build, medium height, had light brown eyes and hair, and his employer is listed as Kate Flanagan.  John Francis "Jack" is indicated as being tall, medium build, blue eyed and brown hair.  Was he related to the other brothers?  I laugh because he sounds completely different looking than the others.  Even Edward sounds like he looked just like Louis. 

I did go further and found Richard Austin Flanagan's WWI draft registration.  He was tall like Jack with medium build with gray eyes and brown hair.  I guess that makes Jack and Richard sound like brothers.  I could not find a registration for Leo.  Then I remembered that Leo passed away summer of 1918.  Also, as a medical doctor, he may have been exempt from the draft.

Back to Nash......What was Nash like and why did he pass away?  I have not found this information.  I also have not looked.  In the Flanagan Letters, Kate mentions "Nashie's" health issue in 1896.  In 1897, he is working on a fruit ranch somewhere while Ed and John Francis work on the Flanagan Ranch's vineyard.  Kate speaks of Nash working over on the Stanly Ranch in 1897 but takes breaks because his "Malaria" acts up.  It would appear that Kate wanted Nash to be a blacksmith.  The last information that I find is Nash running the Flanagan Ranch with Edward.

It is tough to find information for the children of Patrick and Kate Flanagan.  I even have limited information about Jack but I do have information to share soon.  He was interesting.  When it comes to Mary, Richard, and Louis, I have even less information.  That is weird because my mom actually knew them too.

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