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Monday, September 20, 2010

Jack Flanagan and Family Revisited

I recently was talking to my mom about her grandfather, Jack Flanagan.  She indicated that Jack was definitely a big hunter which included deer.  She said that her father, Richard "Dick", had the priviledge of going deer hunting with his father for sure.  She further indicated that all of the boys knew how to hunt including John Maxwell and Robert Francis Flanagan. 

She is uncertain how many duck decoys that John Maxwell Flanagan made.  He is certain to have had his own set.  She said that her Uncle John was a very funny person.  He had great stories and jokes to tell.  She said that her Uncle Robert was quite the gentleman.  I never met Robert as he passed away in the 1970s but I did meet John.  I remember meeting John and his wife, a living Flanagan, in Danville, California at one of their wedding anniversaries.

My Mom has expressed some inclination about the family dynamic of Jack and Minnie Flanagan's children.  While Kay, Ellen, Robert, Dick (my grandfather), and John were all close siblings and very fond of each other, they just never really saw each other very much as adults.  There was no ill will that my mom knows of but distance, family, and busy lives took them in different directions.

I can be very upfront here that my Grandma (Dorothy Flanagan, Dick's wife) did not like to travel and frankly did not want to leave Napa very often.  When I was younger, we lived about 25 miles away and my grandparents rarely ever came to our house which was just on the other side of the hills through Jamieson Canyon.  I know that she was not comfortable travelling for long periods.  As a child and young adult, we always went to Napa to see my grandparents.  Let's just say that I spent a whole lot of time in Napa during my childhood at Grandma's and Grandpa's house on Spencer Street.     

As for the rest of the children of Jack and Minnie, their lives just went in different directions.  All five of the children remained in Northern California from the Monterey Peninsula, San Francisco Peninsula, Marin County, to Napa, California, during their lifetimes.  They raised their children in these locations.  Many of Jack's and Minnie's grandchildren lived in and continue to live in Northern California.  Some of the grandchildren and great-grandchildren have spread out to different parts of the United States including New York, Maryland, and Washington. 

It would be wonderful to meet those related to Jack and Minnie Flanagan's family line.  I do know that there are a few relatives living up my way in the Sacramento Region.  If any of the family is reading this, maybe we should work on a reunion of sorts.  For some of us, it would be the first time that we meet.

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