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Friday, September 3, 2010

Jack Flanagan - Part 5

Back to my box of treasures.......There is a small envelop in the box that contains some of Jack's papers.  The first item that I pull out is a copy of a certificate.  It is for St. Francis de Sales Parochial School, Oakland, California, Testimonial of Excellence, for "Punctuality, Good Conduct, Application, and Proficiency in Studies.  Merited by Frances Flanagan for Month January 1893.  Place in Roll of Honor 2nd."  I guess the Brother who filled this out did not know how to spell.  Mind you, John Francis "Jack" Flanagan, went by Francis, Frank, or Fran, growing up.  That's what his mother called him and maybe his father too.

The infamous box of treasures that I have includes two other certificates of completion for J. F. Flanagan. They are from the International Correspondence School in Scranton, PA.  They were each for mechanical courses in arithmetic and formulas.  The certificate for the formulas course indicates 100%.  Maybe Jack is one of the people who I inherited my knack for math from.  I am extremely rusty these days when it comes to Algebra, Geometry, or Calculus.  Anyway, unfortunately there aren't any dates on the certificates.  There is a letter attached though responding to Jack on April 5, 1904.  It answers some questions that Jack had about appropriate gases and motors to use in building a flying machine.  I'm not sure what happened to Jack's idea of flying.   

I do know that Jack went on to be a mechanic.  He worked in Napa.  I have him as the service manager at the local car dealership in the book Huichica (Wee-cheek-ah), by Stewart M. Duhig, 1990. Page 51:

"....With both of us kids in high school, it was time to get a car.  The folks talked to Jack Flanagan, a neighbor, who was the service manager at Hugo Zeller Auto Agency.  He found a 1914 Studebaker sedan that was priced right for us......Jack Flanagan brought the car out and taught my mother and me how to drive and we were out of the horse and buggy days....."

By 1928, Jack was back to being a farmer at the Flanagan Ranch in Carneros.  Kate passed away and it sounds like Jack was the next son up for running things.  His brother, Nash, had already passed away and, while I do think that his brother Edward was still alive, he was getting older and may not have been up to running the ranch after over 30 years of doing so.  Jack and Minnie moved their family out to run the farm.  This included winemaking and the whole nine yards. 

Also, located in the envelop is a letter to Mr. John F. Flanagan, Napa, Calif. dated August 25, 1932, regarding Patent #1,873,749.   Jack had submitted a farm implement (plow attachment) for patenting to the Chartered Institute of American Inventors.  They seemed very interested in his invention.  I also have a diagram of the plow attachment.  I found a Western Union that indicated in 1930 that Munn and Company Patent Attorneys wanted photographs of the plow attachment.

I wonder if there is more yet to be found about Jack.  There may be.

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