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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wingroves - Part 1

In my quest to trace my family tree, I also have other branches that I'm investigating.  I accepted a mission a few months back to try and locate the family of Richard Flanagan who went to London.  This Richard is the brother of my great-great grandfather, Patrick Flanagan who went to Napa, CA, and of Michael Flanagan who also was in Napa, CA and returned to Ireland when the family farm was in dire need.  His brother Nicholas Flanagan also came to California.  In fact, the Flanagan's know what happened to all of the children of John Flanagan and Anne Maguire, except for Richard's family.

Richard Flanagan of London was one of the main correspondents within the Flanagan letters until his death in 1878.  I have written about him before.  The living Flanagan's would like to locate his family line if descendants exist.  Chances are that there are some descendants.  They may not fully know of the Flanagan line to which they are related.  The key elements that make the Flanagan's story so interesting for the descendants and outsiders looking in are the letters, the family connections even today, and the location (or locations depending on how you look at it) that you can still visit.  The information that has been maintained and the stories that go along with this information get you that much closer to what these individuals were like.  Richard, who went to London is no exception, his letters are preserved too.

In my quest to find this Richard Flanagan's family line, I have had no problem placing him in the various England Census (1851, 1861, 1871), finding his marriage index record to Maria Cutler for 1871, and locating his death in the index for 1878.  Cutler is a fairly common name in England but once Maria was married, I find her as Maria Flanagan from thence forward.

At this point, I need to jump to their daughter, Kathleen Anne Flanagan, who was born September 7, 1873.  When her father died in 1878, it does not appear that she continued to live with her mother all of the time.  It has taken me a while to find Kathleen in various England Census as a child because she was not living with her mother at the time.

Sarah Cutler was Kathleen's aunt.  Sarah seems to be very much attached (for lack of a better word) to Richard and Maria (Cutler) Flanagan.  In 1871,  Richard and Maria have Maria's widowed mother, also named Maria Cutler, and her sister Sarah Cutler living with them.  This information stands out very clear in the image viewer on for the census.  The original document is there plus the transcription is great too.  They are all living in St. John at Hackney.  At the time, Sarah was eleven years old and Kathleen was not born yet.

Next we jump to the 1881 England Census where I find Kathleen living with her Aunt Sarah at 5 Woodville Road,  London, Middlesex, England.  I get confused by all of the districts and parishes for London.  They are living in the district of Woolwich and sub-district of Charlton in St. James. Sarah Cutler is now married and is Sarah A. Holness (maybe Holmers).  She's married to Edwin Holness.  Grandma Maria Cutler is living with them at the age of 61.  I know that this is Kathleen, despite the flub on the spelling of Flanagan, because I find the Holness' later in Kathleen's life.

By the 1891 England Census, I find Kathleen (17) still living with her Aunt.  Edwin and Sarah Holness now have two children - Edwin (10) and Harold (8).  Kathleen is indicated as the niece, born in Poplar, and her last name is a misspelled version of Flanagan.  Also, Sarah and her family's last name has been transcribed as Holmers.  They are still living in the same location as in 1891 at 5 Woodville Road, London, Middlesex, England.  The districts and parish are all the same.

As a summary,  I have found Kathleen Anne Flanagan in the birth index and in the 1881 and 1891 England Census.  Is there more?  You better believe it.

To be continued...............................

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