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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Wingroves - Part 2

In my investigation to trace Richard Flanagan, Maria Cutler Flanagan, and Kathleen Anne Flanagan,  I find other family members touching their lives.  Sarah Cutler Holness was Kathleen's aunt with whom it would appear she lived her entire childhood with and without her mother present.  Also, her grandmother Maria Cutler is present in her life but appears to have passed on by the 1891 England Census.  So where was Kathleen's mother, Maria Flanagan, in 1881 and 1891?

In 1881, Maria Flanagan is living at 19 Benthal Road, Hackney St. John, London, England, as a widow.  Her occupation is indicated as annuitant.  When I look this up, it means someone who receives money from an annuity or pension.  She has a cousin by the name of Annie Cutler living with her with the same occupation.  I did not find Kathleen living here because she's living with her aunt.  I wish the "why" was written down on these census but it is not. 

In 1891, Maria Flanagan is living at what appears to be Ashcombe Park Road, Greenwich St. John, London, England.  She's living with her brother, George Cutler, and his family indicated as a widow.  Her brother is a civil and gas engineer.  Kathleen is not listed because she's living with her aunt.

By the 1901 England Census, I have Maria Flanagan living with Henry and Kathleen Wingrove at 6 Loampit Hill (Lyncroft), Lewisham, London, England.  Maria is the head of the household. Living with her are her son-in-law and her daughter, Kathleen.

Kathleen Anne Flanagan married Henry Wingrove on June 6, 1900.  The information available on has the actual entry log in original handwriting for this marriage as follows:

London, England, Marriages and Banns, 1754-1921 – This document indicates a marriage at St. John’s Church, Parish of St. John Deptford, London; On June 6th 1900 between Henry Wingrove, age 27, and Kathleen Anne Flanagan, age 26. He’s listed as a bachelor and she as a spinster. He’s working as a clerk and she’s working as civil service clerk. He’s living at 76 Duke Street, Chelmsford and she’s living at Lewisham High Road. His father is Charles Wingrove, a deceased farmer. Her father is Richard Flanagan, a deceased controller in His Majesty’s customs. He signed his name H. Wingrove and she signed her name Kathleen Anne Flanagan (fancy feminine handwriting by the way). The witnesses were Maria Flanagan and Sarah Cutler.  She wrote Sarah Cutler and then next to it wrote "S.A.Holmers". It’s hard to read the other signatures on the page but I am assuming one is the vicar and the others are more witnesses which appear to include W. E. Holmers.

I give this information find top scores!  We've got everyone that I'm looking for up to this point all listed in one place.  This really demonstrates their connection to each other too.  It would appear that Kathleen's aunt married surname was Holmers.  I know that this could really trail off into a totally unrelated line but I wonder if Sarah's family knows more about their relatives, Henry and Kathleen Wingrove.  They might......I know that I had a Maxwell who is not a McLaughlin, telling me about McLaughlin's, and vice versa.   You never know what you might find if you ask.

To be continued....................

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