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Friday, September 17, 2010

Wingroves - Part 3

Kathleen Anne Flanagan Wingrove was born in Poplar, London, England on September 7, 1873, to Richard Flanagan originally of Termonfeckin, Ireland and Maria Cutler originally of Islington, England.  By 1901, Kathleen is married to Henry Wingrove with her mother, Maria Flanagan, living with them in Lewisham, London, England.

Based on the records that I've located on plus the 1911 Census from a contributor with a subscription to that specific census,  I have traced this specific Wingrove family including Kathleen.  Kathleen and Henry Wingrove went on to have at least 3 children - Norman Richard (b. 1902), Norah Kathleen (b. 1906), and Eric Edwin (b. 1911).  While Wingrove seems to be a somewhat common name in England, I do think that I have found the line for which I seek.  Where do I go from here?  I do have a little more information to share.

Kathleen Anne (Flanagan) Wingrove does show up in the 1911 England Census with her husband - Henry Wingrove, her mother - Maria Flanagan, and her three children - Norman, Norah, and Eric.  They are all living at 99 Tyrwhitt Road, St. John's SE  in Lewisham, London, England.  The 1911 England Census is another find that receives a top score!  This was provided by another researcher.  Thank you!

After 1911, it is difficult to trace the family.  I can't tell where Eric ended up.  I think that I found Norah but am not sure because there are at least three Norah Wingroves and they married three different gentlemen in the greater London area.   I have Norman getting married at the age of 72.  I'm pretty sure that is him but was he married before then?

In one of my recent searches on, I finally located the death index information for Kathleen Anne Flanagan Wingrove.  If this is her, the index information reads as follows:

Kathleen A. Wingrove
Death:  1962
Age:  88
District:  Bromley
County:  Kent

There has got to be some information out there about this family.  The Wingrove line is likely to have kept going.  I have searched for any marriages for Norah Kathleen Wingrove.  I found a Norah C. Wingrove marrying a Sydney Cheeseman in 1943 in Maidstone, Kent.  Is this my Norah? 

I am beginning to realize that my lack of understanding of the geography of London and the surrounding areas is hindering my research.  I don't know if Maidstone is near Lewisham or actually part of it.  What about Kent?  Where is that?  I can map these locations online but find that I get lost.  To me, a key to finding people is knowing where they were living and if the locations make some sense.  Maybe my luck will continue on this line in the future.  I will revisit it again.

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