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Monday, October 25, 2010

Flanagan Wingrove - Termonfechin to London

My mission still sits before me to push forward in time and locate the descendants of Richard Flanagan and Maria Cutler.  I've found Kathleen Anne Flanagan and Henry Wingrove.  I've also found Norman Richard Wingrove, Norah Kathleen Wingrove, and Eric Edwin Wingrove.  I am still rather stuck in 1911.  I have not really budged forward in time from then with any certainty.

Networking online and on message boards has proven itself to be a very effective way to get information about my other lines.  I've sent messages to other Wingrove family tree maintainers on but have not gotten anywhere or any information from them.

Lewisham appears to be a prime location to find some Wingroves.  This is where mine were living.  Also, St. John's Deptford is the Parish they attended.  I recently emailed the church.  They did get back to me indicating that they no longer maintain their old parish registries on site.  They turned the records over to the Metropolitan Archives in London because they were getting "mouldy".

I feel that this proverbial brick wall might continue for a while.

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