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Monday, November 15, 2010

Pat and Kate Flanagan's House Seminary Street

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I have tried to research this property online.  At you find the year built of this house as 1915.  I had someone at the Napa Valley Biographical and Genealogical Society do me a huge favor and look up information at the Napa Historical Society when he was there.  He found information about this property. It was built around 1903 to 1905.  He used a Sanborn Map and it was not indicated on it in 1901.

So I asked my husband what he thought was going on?  He's an architect by the way.  He said that a number of things could be the issue.  First and foremost he said that cities did not keep very good records or even have records prior to 1900 and even later in time.  He said that the original house may be there but was added to.  When major construction is completed on a dwelling, it is not unheard of for the year built to be updated to the current construction.

Why do I think that this house is the correct house?   My grandfather did say it was.  He should know, his own childhood house was across and down the street some.  His father, Jack, would have grown up in the house on Seminary Street and been able to tell his children that was his parents old house.  I wonder how many times the family walked passed this house on their way to the park across the street.

I would really love to be able to go inside this house someday.


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