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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Flanagan's of County Louth - Part 3

The second generation of Flanagan's is headed by Richard Flanagan (1733-1808).  He was born in Ganderpark and moved to the current Flanagan location in Termonfechin by 1777.  The original farm account books were started by him in 1773.  He was a flax grower and linen manufacturer.

Richard married Alice Bellew before 1766 (per religious census).  Their children were John, Anne, Michael, Catherine, Mary, and Patrick.  Richard made notes of other important personal events in the farm account books including births, confirmations, and deaths.   Richard and Alice lost four children at young ages as noted in the account books but no other information is indicated about them.  Apparently, it is noted how upsetting this was for the family though.

The farm account books were kept by only two individuals.  They were Richard and his son, Patrick.  The farm account books tell the financial and personal story of this Flanagan Family from 1773 to 1866 when Patrick passed away.  One of the first entries in the account books is about money left for Richard's sisters (Mary, Catherine, and Margaret) and his brother, John.  There is strong reason to believe that Richard took in his sisters and/or took responsibility for them until they were married.

By 1774 it is clear that Richard was doing well leasing land and he had hired journeymen.  Journeymen would travel around selling linen for Richard.  He let land in Termonfechin and Newtownstabalan.  While he did lease the land from British Landlords, he did run these farmlands.  At this time, the Irish were not able to own their own land in their own country. 

In 1777, the original farm house in Termonfechin was built at a cost of 44 pounds which included the house, plow, and harrow.  Richard's father, Patrick, died in 1779 leaving him everything he owned including 48 pounds.  The original house was a thatched roof dwelling and it was quite large for the time.  Some facts about the house include that it took 21 days to build and taxes were paid on the house based on the size of the windows.

In 1780, Richard and Alice's son Patrick was born.   He was not the first born son.  They broke slightly with tradition in this case as usually the first born son was named after the grandfather.  Patrick was not the first born but appears to be the last born child to Richard and Alice.  In 1780, their son, John, died at the age of 10 years old.  In 1789, at the age of 17 years old, Michael Flanagan died.

Patrick Flanagan (b. 1780) was the only surviving male of this family.  The three girls (Anne, Catherine, and Mary) all married and left Termonfechin. It is not known what happened to them. Some information about their names and who they married is known.  Anne married a Donnelly.  Catherine married a Ward.  Mary married Nicholas McKone (McKeown).  This information is recorded in the farm account books.

To be continued...............

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