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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Flanagan's of County Louth - Part 7

Termonfechin is quite a beautiful place.  It is a village along the Irish Sea.  It should be noted that the severe winter weather was probably not very forgiving in this location, especially prior to modern conveniences like modern heating, electricity, and indoor plumbing.  Let's not forget to mention the rain.   I can't say that I witnessed much rain in my visit to Ireland but have been told that wet weather is very common.  I had sunny beautiful days during my visit. 

At this point, the 7th, 8th and, now, 9th generation Flanagan's from this line in Ireland are in contact with each other including those stateside.  There was a time where some of the family in Napa, California lost contact. Because of the desire of this Flanagan family, specifically those who descend from John Flanagan and Anne Maguire Flanagan, they have reconnected even today.

I continue to be on the hunt for any photos and information that anyone has on our Flanagan Family.  I have particular interest in any letters, photos, and documentation that may exist for Patrick and Kate Flanagan's line of Napa, CA.  My desire is to have digital photos or scanned copies of the information.  I do not need to possess the originals.

A mission that I accepted a few months back was to try and find Richard Flanagan (b. 1830) who went to London.  I seek his Wingrove descendants who are, of course, of this Flanagan lineage.  For now, it appears to be a waiting game.  I need to wait for new source documents to become available online for searches and see if anyone responds to my various message board posts.  I am patient for now but am hoping for more.

The stories of life that connect my Flanagan's together are of ordinary people, living ordinary lives. Or were they that ordinary?  Not in my opinion.  I know many others who would agree.

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