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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Flanagan House - Carneros

Every once in a while, I complete a Google Search for information about the Flanagan Ranch in Napa, CA.  The following information is an excerpt from the full article in the Napa Register from May 2010 - Old Adobe Leads Landmarks' Threatened Treasures List.  The Flanagan House in Carneros is on the "watch list".

Watch List

Flanagan House (3315 Sonoma Highway 12/121, Carneros)

Another longtime property on the list, the Flanagan House in the Carneros district was built by Patrick Flanagan in 1897. The present owner, ZD Winery, has offered this relic of 19th-century living for $1 if it can be moved to a new location. The difficulty of obtaining a suitable site and the costs of moving the home present a daunting challenge.

zelsersk c.2008

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