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Monday, April 4, 2011

Grave Inscription - Richard Flanagan of Termonfechin, Louth, Ireland

At different times, I look back at the information that I have at hand.  It amazes me sometimes what new facts can be gleaned from a second, third, or even fourth pass over the information.  I have experienced new discoveries and different perspectives on the information that I have gathered by taking a step back, setting the information aside, and reviewing it a few months down the line.

Richard Flanagan's grave marker inscription is no exception.  I have had a photo of it since 2004.  I never really looked at it that closely except maybe during my first visit to St. Fechin's Cemetery, Termonfechin, Louth, Ireland.

The following is the transcription:

Erected by Pat Flanagan of Tobertoby in memory of his father Rich Flanagan who departed this life the 20th of Jan 1808 aged 75 years.  Also for his mother Alice Flanagan alias Bellew who died the 26th of oct 1805 aged 67 years.  also 4 of their Children.  Here lies the remains of the above [Patrick] Flanagan who departed this life on the 20th of February 1866 in the 86th year of his age.............

At this point, it would appear that time has worn off part of the wording.  From hence forward it is hard to read the inscription but I will try to transcribe it below.  Also, just a note:  Richard and Alice lost 4 children early on in their marriage.  They had 6 others who survived past infancy.

The rest of the transcription......

.....Nicholas Flanagan...May 14th 1804 died Jun 24th 1880.....[Requief?]......Peter Flanagan....1808...died 1887....79...Patrick Flanagan......Feb 1890.....Mrs. Anne.....Nov 1867

The above are Patrick and Judith Kirwan Flanagan's children.  I do not see Judith mentioned on the headstone and maybe that's because she spent a lot of her adult life in Dublin.  That is a sad story.  "Mrs. Anne..." is Anne Maguire Flanagan, John Flanagan's wife.  John was one of Patrick's son's.  I would assume that he is listed on the headstone at the bottom but I can't make out his name plus I cut off the bottom when I took the photo.  It is very possible that John had the bottom portion of the incription on the headstone completed.  He was the last of his generation to pass away in 1891.

Below is the photo.  If I am not mistaken, I think the inscription on the head stone was intentially altered after it indicates Patrick's death in 1866.  His oldest son, Fr. Richard Flanagan, may have been indicated here and was buried in this site or nearby but later moved to the Church of the Immaculate Conception in Termonfechin.  In my opinion, that is another interesting piece of my family history.  To have so many other details in support the headstone inscription really helps.

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