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Friday, May 13, 2011

Jack and Minnie Flanagan Family - Napa, CA - Part 3

I have more photos to scan but it takes time.  I am scanning them at 1200 DPI for the best resolution that I can get on this old HP scanner.  My Flangan photos are the first on my list which will be followed at some point by my Borchers and some Vienop photos.

The first photo has writing on the back.  It says Ranch and Blacksmith shed circa 1940.  This is a photo of the Flanagan Ranch in Carneros.  The house sits in the cluster of trees with the vineyard in the foreground.  The tallest of the trees are eucalyptus.   
Tell me, tell me, tell me.....Who is the older young lady in the second photo with Minnie, Jack, and their children.  Does anyone know?  My own grandfather, Richard, is being held by his mother Minnie.  While not the best photo of Jack, that is him with the hat on.  Ellen is the young girl sitting on the left while Robert is in the middle, and Kay has her arm up blocking the sun.  This photo would have been taken circa 1913.

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