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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Jack and Minnie Flanagan Family - Napa, CA - Part 2

Again, I have this desire to post more Flanagan photos.  Below is a photo of Ellen, Robert, Richard, and Catherine Flanagan.  I have another photo probably within a few year of each other with Kate Flanagan plus John Maxwell Flanagan as a baby.

These photos were taken at the Flanagan Ranch in Carneros.  The first photo was probably taken around 1914 and the second one around 1915-1916.  The first photo includes the children of Jack and Minnie Flanagan - Ellen, Robert, Richard, and Catherine.  The second photo includes Jack and Minnie's children, Ellen, Richard, Catherine, Robert, and John, with Grandma Flanagan (Kate).

What can be confusing are the nicknames that everyone had.  Here's a "key" to their names:

Given name                                      Nickname(s)/Other Name(s)
John Francis Flanagan                      Francis, Frank, Jack
Mary Elizabeth McLaughlin            Minnie Flanagan
Ellen Maxwell Flanagan                  N/A
Catherine Veronica Flanagan           Kay Fratessa
Robert Francis Flanagan                  Pat, Bob
Richard Joseph Flanagan                 Dick, RJ
John Maxwell Flanagan                   Max
Catherine Mary O'Brien                   Kate Flanagan

Now I understand why many people in this country dislike nicknames.  It can be tough to figure out who everyone is talking about.  Translating the names of people can get lost in history.  It has not been lost on me with these Flanagan's.  I've got them down.  I think that I've got Pat and Kate Flanagan's children figured out too.  I just don't have photos of them.  I don't think that I have all of their middle names either at this point.

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