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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Napa Grapevine - The Stanly Ranch and The Flanagan Ranch

I don't want to get too involved in the Napa gossip scene.  Dealing in facts, history, and my family tree is definitely more of my preference when it comes to Napa.   Two little tidbit stories crossed my path recently.  One that may not really be "gossipie" or buried very deep in the grapevine.  The topic was and has been discussed at city council meetings and articles appear in the Napa Register (or rather now called "The Napa Valley Register").  It's about hotels coming to Napa.

"Developers committed to bringing Ritz, St. Regis to Napa" by Jennifer Huffman appeared in the newspaper on July 31, 2011.  The Ritz Carlon is moving on their project and hope to be under construction in the near future.  The Ritz will be near the intersection of Third Street, Coombsville Road, East Avenue, and Silverado Trail.  This is close to downtonwn Napa near the fairgrounds, cemetery and right near my great grandparents old house in Alta Heights.  There are definitely mixed reviews by the locals in getting this hotel in town.  Let's just say it does bring with it 524 full-time jobs.  I think that I myself have mixed reviews but this project could really continue to help with the revitalization of the downtown Napa area.

The other hotel project mentioned in the article (which is the part of great interest to me) talks about a St. Regis Hotel.  Despite all of the agricultural, environmental and historical naysayers, it would appear that the former Stanly Ranch on Highway 121 near the intersection of Highway 29 in the Carneros area of Napa, will get a St. Regis.  The latest report is that this project will happen at some point but financing has not been sought as of yet.  I wonder what Judge Stanly would think of this if he was still alive.  As any smart businessman and attorney,  I suppose if he were to profit from it, it would be a good thing.

My second tidbit which comes deep in the grapevine (and may or may not happen) is about the Flanagan Ranch.  Someone very close to me bumped into a family member of the winery that owns the old Flanagan Ranch in Carneros.  It was at a winetasting. 

My "very close someone" asked the person pouring if any of the wine available for tasting was from vines at the the old Flanagan Ranch in Napa.  I guess the young man stopped, looked at the table and grabbed one of the bottles to show him.  He then looked rather perplexed at the "very close someone" and asked him how he would know about the Flanagan Ranch.  They got to talking and the winery representative said that they would like to again pursue restoring the Flanagan Ranch House to its original state.  The intent would be to hold events at the location.  I'm not sure that there would be a tasting room open to the public though.

Will this really happen?  I'm not planning to be a naysayer but previous thoughts of doing this same thing did not pan out.  From what it sounds like though there are some plans including putting the house back to the way it was without the garage that was added later and moving the main drive entrance to the property onto Cuttings Wharf Road.  Both of those things sound like great ideas.  You do take your life in your own hands when exiting and entering the Flanagan Ranch's current driveway right on Highway 121.

I wonder if the current owner has any idea that there are still about a half dozen Flanagan relatives who were in the original house and might remember some of it.  My own grandfather passed away in 2000 and he had been their main contact.  There are still others though.

You can read about the Stanly Ranch, Judge Stanly, and the Flanagan's in this blog.  The following is an index that includes links to the posts.

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