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Monday, October 17, 2011

Richard Joseph Flanagan - Part 5

On December 28, 1941, Gary Richard Flanagan was born in Napa, California to Dick and Dorothy.  I've seen photos of him as a baby and toddler.  He was a cute toe head and looks almost dead on like my mother did when she was a child.

When I was a child, Dorothy used to let us (her granddaughters) play in her jewelry box.  I know that may sound funny but most of that jewelry was just costume items that were mainly beaded necklaces an a few other things.  I found a ring in that box one day as a child.  It had the initial "G" on it.  I brought it out to my mom and grandma, Dorothy, and asked about it.  I was quickly rushed away and told that had been the baby ring for my mother's brother, Gary.  Mind you, I must have been about 10 years old and never had heard of a brother or heard Gary's name before.  There were no photos of him around either.  Later my mother would fill me in.

Dorothy, Dick, and baby, Gary, Flanagan on his baptism day.

Gary was my mother's older brother.  In February 1943, it became obvious that something was not right with Gary.  He had taken ill.  Dick and Dorothy took him to the hospital where he as diagnosed with a bowel obstruction.  My understanding is that his intestines had grown inside one another.  Just as today, this problem required surgery.

From what I can recall of the story, they were sent from Napa to Vallejo and back to Napa again.  There was apparently some confusion as to where the surgeon would be to perform the operation.  Time may not have been on their side in this.  Gary passed away on the operating table at the age of 13 1/2 months, on February 9, 1943.

It was not until recently that I found an entire stash of Gary's photos in a box at my mother's place.  There are at least a dozen or more.  At some point, I really need to go through those photos.

To be continued...............

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