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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Researching Ireland - County Louth

In recent months, I've received various emails from people about genealogy.  The emails that always grab my attention are those that offer a way to get my hands on records in Ireland.  These records are not easy to get at since most of what I'd like to review is either held in the Irish Archives, various Irish heritage centers, and church parishes in Ireland.  A cost is associated with retrieving this information and truly seems somewhat open-ended and unknown to me.

The rates that are potentially charged for looking up records appear to be fee based for each record.  Once you get out of standard records and into more obscure research, the rate changes to an hourly rate.  That is all fine and dandy but the research is only as good as the researcher.  Some researchers are extremely proficient, accurate, and can disseminate information quite clearly and easily to their client.  While I am an amateur genealogist with limited resources at my fingertips, I have quickly, proficiently, and accurately found information for at least two people.  Extending my trust and funds to another researcher is tough without some review of their work.

If I could run off at a whim to the LDS Family History Center near my house, I could certainly gain some ground on my research skills.  Hence, time does not currently allow an opportunity for me to do this so I search away online from my office at home and think of my future potential.

I did recently meet an individual online via email who can access Irish records for people who are willing to pay the minimal fee he charges.  He can get to County Louth records quite easily and may even be able to help with records outside of Louth.

While I have not had the opportunity to truly hire him, he did send me some samples of his work to entice me.  I've let him know that I am very interested and need to carve out some time and funds for this project.  In the meantime, I told him that I'd share his information on my blog.

Kevin's Irish Research

His blog is quite interesting in and of itself but his research is quick, proficient, and as accurate as any.  He found a few of my specific ancestors in Termonfeckin.  I am impressed.

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