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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

O'Brien's in Ireland to Australia, and onto California - Part 2

Kate Flanagan (Catherine Mary O'Brien) died in Napa, California on March 11, 1928.  She is buried in an unmarked grave at Tulocay Cemetery with her husband, Patrick Flanagan, and four of their children - Agnes, Ignatius, Leo, and Edward, probably.  The cemetery was able to confirm that Kate, Ignatius, Leo, and Edward are all there but older records would need to be retrieved to specifically say that Patrick and Agnes are also buried in the same place.  They both died in the 1890s.  I do have the exact spot indicated in a previous post of this blog.

Why the unmarked graves?  Lord only knows!  Probably money related.  The other four children are buried in marked graves at Tulocay.  Mary, Louis, and Richard are buried under a tree just paces from Kate and Pat.  While John "Jack" Francis Flanagan is buried in a different spot with his wife, children, and some grandchildren.  Again, I have that exact location and there are low profile headstones to mark each grave.

So, is that it?  Of course not, there is so much information between Ireland and when Kate passed away.  Where do I begin?

What clued me in on locating the O'Brien's on a passenger list into Australia was Ellen Flanagan's notes.  "Went to Melbourne with family in 1854."  Now, I really am not a fan of reviewing passenger lists.  They kind of drive me crazy.  The arduous job of sifting through to find your ancestors can be daunting.  The best way that I know how to complete this search is to identify the time-frame, departure and arrival points, and then go find who else arrived with them on that same date and location.  I have had some luck with this but am still left wondering if I found the correct people.

I found an Edmond, a Run (probable transcription error and should read Ann), and a Catherine arriving on 9 Jun 1854 in Melbourne, Australia.  I then went back and pulled only 9 Jun 1854 into Melbourne, Australia on the Parsee and found the following: 

Michael Obrien Estimated birth year: abt 1811 Age: 43
Edmund Obrien Birth: abt 1812 
Bridget Obrien Birth: abt 1816
Run (Ann) Obrien Birth: abt 1816
Margaret Obrien Birth: abt 1841 
Ella Obrien Birth: abt 1842 
Catherine Obrien Birth: abt 1843 
Eliza Obrien Birth: abt 1844
John Obrien Birth: abt 1845 
Michael Obrien Birth: abt 1845
Susannah Obrien Birth: abt 1847 
Michael Obrien Estimated birth year: abt 1849

Now, if you ask me, it looks like I found them.  I am assuming that Michael and Edmund are brothers and Bridget and Run (Ann) are their wives.  Your guess is as good as mine as to which couple each child belongs to.   I see Kate though and her parents were Edmund and Ann.  The name Susannah stands out for me as a uncommon first name and would be my choice to use in tracing this family.

At this point, I must ask myself if there are older children.  The younger ones would have been with their parents upon arrival.  I guess I should go back and review the passenger list for more O'Brien's.

To be continued........................ 

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