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Thursday, April 12, 2012

O'Brien's - A Paper Trail

In a few days time, I will embark on a several part post about Kate Flanagan and my search to find her family in Australia.  The key to unlocking her past and family origins is knowing that her birth name was Catherine Mary O'Brien.   She did, in fact, go by Kate.  While her first name was spelled with a "C", her nickname was with a "K".  That information is definitive.

Join me starting on April 14th as I trace one of my more colorful great great grandmother's, Catherine "Kate" Mary O'Brien Flanagan.  I will share information that I have directly from her if possible and where appropriate as it lends itself to tracing my O'Brien family in Australia.  The posts will generate over a few weeks with 3-4 days in between each.

As I seek my specific O'Brien's, I hope anyone related to them find my posts and respond to me at

Thank you!

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