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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Patrick Flanagan - Napa, CA

Ok.....I must admit to having hoped for a photo of Patrick Flanagan (my great great grandfather) many a time in my blog.  I've even said openly that I did not have a photo of him.  Well, I found one in that wonderful presentation that my distant cousin in Ireland did about our Flanagan Family line.  

By process of elimination, the Flanagan's in Ireland determined to the best of their ability that this is Patrick Flanagan (1834-1896) of Napa, California.  It is a tough photo to make out for sure.  I'm going to have to go back and compare the likeness to some of his children since they did not all look like Kate Flanagan, their mother, but seem to have rather looked like Patrick.

My own grandfather, Richard "Dick" Joseph Flanagan, would only say a few things about his grandfather, Patrick, when I was young.  He knew that Patrick came from County Louth and was our original immigrant family member along with his wife, Kate, to come to Napa, California.  He would say that he did not know is his grandfather, since he'd passed away in 1896.  Dick was not born until 1912.

It seems to me that Patrick did die before his time.  He never got to meet any of his six grandchildren.  Kate did for sure but I'm just not sure how much information she passed along about Patrick to them.  That may have been a sad subject for her. 

The only exception that I know of is in regards to Robert "Bob" Francis Flanagan.  He was the third born child to John Francis "Jack" and Minnie (Mary Elizabeth McLaughlin) Flanagan.  Robert's nickname as a child was "Pat".  I wonder if he looked like Patrick.  That begs some clarification that I might not get.  That's OK.  It's still a nice thought to think that he looked like his grandfather. 

Knowing that this photo exists does tell me that there were other photos taken of Patrick.  I hope that they still exist somewhere. 

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