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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Napa! Napa! Napa! - Part 1

I almost called this post "Tulocay - Genealogy Visit #2".  That's not the most exciting title and I don't think it truly reflects the excitement of the day.  Now, I know that many people think of Napa and think "wine".  As I've said before, when I think of Napa, I think "family". 

I have four pairs of great great grandparents buried at Tulocay Cemetery in Napa, California.  I don't think that is a secret.  Actually, I really don't have much in the way of ancestor secrets in my blog.  What I do have is the discovery process which is what I seek to achieve by posting everything that I find about my family tree right here.

While I was not born in Napa, CA, I have started considering Napa one of my hometowns.  How could I not?  I was born in Sacramento, grew up in Fairfield, California, and spent almost every holiday and many a day during summer vacation in Napa as a kid.  I've even spent many a day as a young adult there until my grandfather passed away in 2000.  My perspective until then was rather small and isolated to 2131 Spencer Street and Butter Cream Bakery on Jefferson Street just across from Napa High School.

Now, I certainly have other relatives in Napa and could indicate their houses, parks, and landmarks right around them were I spent time too.  In my present, Napa is much broader than my grandparents house and riddled with places of my ancestors, some of whom I had not fully realized until recently.

With my first visit to Tulocay Cemetery, I found my Flanagan great great grandparents final resting place along with their children and other Flanagan Family members.  A pleasant surprise came in the fact that I literally stumbled across my Borchers great great grandparents just a few paces away from the Flanagan's.  In the area of block 82, I have Borchers and Flanagan great great grandparents.

My second visit to Tulocay found my Vienop great great grandparents literally across the cemetery road from my Borchers 2G grandparents in block 81.

Johann Heinrich Vinup - John Henry Vienop, Sr. (1862)

Anna Maria Luise Koch - Anne Marie Louise Vienop

A few more Vienop's are buried at this same location in the cemetery............

Alma Vienop - Buried between her parents above.  She was just over 2 1/2 years old when she passed away in 1904.

Ernst Vinup/Vienop - Uncle Ernst, John Henry Sr.'s brother

J.H.Vienop - John Henry Vienop, Jr. - Uncle Henry

Adella Vienop, J.H. Vienop's first wife until her death - Adelheid Helena Bruns

Tulocay Cemetery was not my only destination the day of my second trip to the final resting place of my ancestors.  I did not have the opportunity to capture photos of my other ancestors and family members buried at this cemetery on this day.  I still have McLaughlin's to locate.  That will be a trip for another day.  I did capture one additional headstone photo that I had not gotten previously.

Joseph Fratessa and Catherine "Kay" Veronica Flanagan Fratessa

The next part of my visit to Napa was not to the cemetery but was around town.

To be continued..............................

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