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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Richard Flanagan and His Wingrove Family

In the past two years, I have posted no fewer than five posts about Richard Flanagan (b. 1830) from Termonfechin who went to London.  His life seemed short to me as he passed away in 1878.  While my Flanagan Family can say we have Richard fairly well sourced and documented on our family tree, in family records, and have letters preserved that he wrote, we really did not know what had happened to his descendants, until now.

A very helpful person who lives in London and has some Flanagan's of her own in her line which could be somewhere connected to mine, sent me some research about Richard's family.  She has done this in the past as records become available.  Now, the 1911 England Census revealed two more grandchildren for Richard that we did not know about and more records have now surfaced.

The long story short is that Richard Flanagan went to London by at least 1861.  He married Maria Cutler by 1871.  In 1873, their only known child, Kathleen Anne Flanagan, was born.  By 1878, Richard had passed away.  His health had been failing him for some time. He had been employed by the Crown in customs.

Over the next several years, it would appear that Kathleen lived with her mother at times but also with her aunt, Sarah Cutler, who's married last name was Holness.  It seems clear that Kathleen was close to Sarah and her husband, Edwin.

Kathleen went onto to work for the Crown too.  She married Henry Wingrove in 1900.  They had three children - Norman Richard, Norah Kathleen, and Eric Edwin.  My previous research is included in this blog.  Up until now, this is as far as I had gotten in the research which landed me in 1911.

Name: Eric E Wingrove
Birth Date: abt 1911
Date of Registration: Oct-Nov-Dec 1930
Age at Death: 19
Registration district: Bromley
Inferred County: Kent
Volume: 2a
Page: 670

According to the death index above, Eric Edwin Wingrove died in 1930 at the age of 19 years.

Name: Henry Wingrove
Probate Date: 2 Jul 1948
Death Date: 5 May 1948
Death Place: Kent, England
Registry: London, England

Above is the probate record for Henry Wingrove, Kathleen's husband.  Further information in the record indicates that he died in the Farnborough Hospital in Kent.  Kathleen Annie Wingrove was his widow.  He left her 2,723 pounds.  Their address was 11 Rochester Avenue. 

Name: Kathleen Annie Wingrove
Probate Date: 9 Aug 1962
Death Date: 6 May 1962
Death Place: Kent, England
Registry: London, England

The next record above is for Kathleen Anne Flanagan Wingrove.  She passed away at age 88 at Farnborough Hospital in Kent.  She was still living at 11 Rochester Avenue at the time.  She left her 4,515 pounds to her two living children - Norman Richard Wingrove, an insurance broker and Norah Kathleen Wingrove, a spinster.

England & Wales, Death Index: 1916-2006 about Norah Kathleen Wingrove

Name: Norah Kathleen Wingrove
Birth Date: 29 Oct 1905
Date of Registration: Nov 1984
Age at Death: 79
Registration district: Worthing
Inferred County: West Sussex
Volume: 18
Page: 2280

Norah Kathleen Wingrove passed away in 1984.  It would appear that she never married.  She's indicated as a spinster in the will of her mother in 1962 but I wonder what she did for a living.  That categorization as "spinster" drives me crazy.  I'm sure that she was so much more than that.  I did find a possible record indicating the marriage of a Norah C Wingrove marrying a Sydney Cheeseman.  Was this a different Norah?  Why did the marriage, if this is her, not last?  At any rate, it seems 99.9% clear that Norah had no children.

England & Wales, Death Index: 1916-2006 about Norman Richard Wingrove

Name: Norman Richard Wingrove
Birth Date: 10 Mar 1902
Date of Registration: Apr-May-Jun 1979
Age at Death: 77
Registration district: Tavistock
Inferred County: Devon
Volume: 21
Page: 2094

In the next death record, we find Norman Richard Wingrove.  He too seems to have never had children.  He appears to have been married later in life as seen in the next record.

Name: Norman R Wingrove
Spouse Surname: Dawe
Date of Registration: Jan-Feb-Mar 1974
Registration district: Tavistock
Inferred County: Devonshire
Volume Number: 7a
Page Number: 1444
Find Spouse: Find Spouse

Now, was Norman married before and did he have children?  It is seemingly unlikely at this point but only time can truly tell.   I have found other Norman Wingrove's married to different women earlier than this Norman's marriage to Evelyn Dawe.  The middle initial does not match in the other records.  It seems a bit surprising that Norman would have only been married for the last 5 years of his life having never been married before.  Maybe he was married previously.   Did he have any children?  We may never know for sure but it is beginning to look like he was childless.

I have not found any other indication of Wingroves looking for this line.  Wingrove appears to be somewhat of a common surname found in London around the turn of the century.  I now end my research on this line as it appears that there are no currently living descendants of this Richard Flanagan.


Note:  Richard Flanagan, b. 1830 (d. 1878, London) at the Flanagan Family Farm in Termonfechin, Louth, Ireland, was the oldest son of John Flanagan and Anne Maguire of Termonfechin, and the older brother to my great great grandfather, Patrick Flanagan (1834-1896) of Termonfechin, Louth, Ireland and Napa, California. 

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