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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Flanagan O'Brien Down Under - Part 2 - Requiescat in Pace

I must admit that the copy that I have of this Requiescant in Pace (Rest in Peace) booklet for Bridget O'Brien Power and her daughter, Frances Power Bradford, is not the best.  The information was shared with me via  I can hope that some day, I can have an original emailed to me.  That's not big deal at this point, however, as I can still read the information.

By the way, Bridget was Kate Flanagan's (my great great grandmother) older sister. The following is the front and back cover of this booklet.  Bridget's and Frances' descendants put this together in 2011.  I am very grateful that they chose to share this.  Thank you!

There is more coming that will demonstrate how we know that these are the correct O'Brien's from my family tree.

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