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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Edward Flanagan's "Miraculous Escape"

Napa Daily Journal
Tuesday, October 24, 1893

A Miraculous Escape

   Monday afternoon Edward Flannagan drove a four-horse team, attached to a heavily loaded grape wagon, to Carpy's wine cellar, and after unloading his grapes drove to the fountain in front of the Court House, to water his horses.  In some way one of the wheelers got his leg over the double-tree of the wagon, and commenced to kick.  This frightened the leaders and they started to run.  The young man hung bravely to the horses, but when they reached the corner of Brown and Third streets he was thrown heavily to the ground, the front wheel of the wagon running over his head, and the hind wheel passing over his body.  He was picked up unconscious and carried to the photograph gallery on the opposite corner, where he soon revived.
   The team continued its course for about half a block, when it came to an abrupt halt by colliding with a buggy, breaking the axle of the latter. 
   Mr. Flannagan was praised very highly upon the grit he displayed in trying to stop his team.  He was quite badly bruised but not hurt seriously. 

This is yet another example of the bits and pieces of information that can be found in my family records.  I am not sure who retrieved this article but my guess is one of three family members - Ellen Flanagan, Kay Flanagan Fratessa, or Anne Fratessa Scoville. 

I must admit that reading this article and taking it at face value makes me wonder how Edward survived this incident.  If the wheel truly ran over his head, how did he live through that.  It does make me wonder if Edward was either truly "okay" after this incident or if the reporter was prone to exaggeration.

Edward Flanagan - Circa 1894-95

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