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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Flanagan Obituary - Agnes

The following is the obituary in the local Napa paper for Agnes Flanagan from about 1895:

Miss Agnes Flannagan, daughter of Mr. P. Flannagan, died at the home of her parents, near Judge Stanly's ranch, south of Napa, on Thursday, October 19th, aged 22 years.  The young lady was a victim of consumption.  

Some interesting notes that I need to make here include the age of Agnes and where she passed away.  So much of what is put into print from any time frame, may or may not be exactly accurate.  A good example, is the age of Agnes at the time of her death.  My family records ascertain that Agnes passed away in 1895.  This newspaper article indicates that she passed away on October 19th while my research had a "guesstimate" of April 1895.  The above newspaper article does not include the year on any part of the page.  I find that I am still estimating the year of Agnes' birth and death.  We know that she passed away before Patrick (her father) based on a letter from 1896.   I believe that Agnes might have been closer to 24 years old when she passed away rather than 22 years old based on her age in the 1880 U.S. Census.

Another interesting point that this brief obituary makes is where she passed away.   My Flanagan Family has long indicated that there was another sort of dwelling on the Flanagan Ranch prior the the building of the current ranch house around 1896-1898.  While 606 Seminary Street in Napa, California has long been indicated as my Flanagan Family home "in town", it is now not clear to me the timeline of the family living at the Seminary Street home and the old "shed/farm building" dwelling out at the Flanagan Ranch.

At some point, I'll have to create a timeline and further investigate where the Flanagan's were living in Napa.  The main reason why I want to nail down "where and when" is so that I can determine exactly where the eight children of Pat and Kate were born.  Were they born at 606 Seminary Street or at 3315 Sonoma Highway?

Additionally, I must spend some time going over any information that I have about Agnes Flanagan.  I have letters with her own words.  In her young life, she was educated and a few of her letters live on to this day.

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