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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Flanagan Ranch: The Timeline Matters To Me - Part 1

Over the course of my family tree research, I've learned how important source documents are to proving your family history.  I've even gone so far as to pour through any and all information that I have about my various family lines to determine the disposition of various family members along the "space time continuum".  I am inferring here that we could actually go back in time to determine the facts.  In reality, you can only go back in time in writing about and reading history and other genre.

I definitely wish that I could ask my grandfather (Richard J. Flanagan) more about our family history.  The information that he knew about our family helps fill in the blanks about the timeline of the Flanagan Ranch in Napa.  For now, I get a chance to figure things out myself.  Let's see where this post takes me.

The first part of my Flanagan Ranch Timeline is to summarize what I know off the top of my head.  I guess that I could call this a quick "elevator speech".

-Patrick and Kate Flanagan were married in San Francisco in 1870 and then moved to Napa, California.
-By 1871, Patrick was farming a 15 acre plot of land in Rancho Rincon de los Carneros that he had purchased from Governor Edward Stanly.
-In 1873, Patrick Flanagan sold the 15 acres back to Judge John Stanly and purchased 32 acres located at 3315 Sonoma Highway, Napa, CA (Highway 121 at Cuttings Wharf Road).  This location was hence forward known at the Flanagan Ranch in Carneros.  Stanly referred to the area a Riverdale.
-The Flanagan's had some sort of house and/or living quarters at the ranch in 1873.
-By Patrick's death in 1896, the Flanagan's were living in town at 606 Seminary Street.  Patrick's health had been failing for a few years.
-A letter to Ireland in 1897 indicates that Edward Flanagan was working to finish the Flanagan Ranch house as the old house was no longer worth patching.
-By 1898, the Flanagan Ranch house was complete.
-Kate Flanagan lived in the ranch house from around 1898 until around her death in 1928.
-Ignatius Flanagan, who had been running the ranch presumably since his father passed in 1896, died in 1918 and the ranch responsibility passed to John Francis Flanagan.
-By 1928, John Francis "Jack" Flanagan and his family were living at the ranch.
-In 1936, Jack passed away and the management of the Flanagan Ranch passed to his brother, Richard A. Flanagan, Sr.
-Louis Flanagan is indicated as the caretaker of the property by 1940 while the ranch house was owned and inherited by Mary Catherine Flanagan.
-By 1950, Louis and Richard Flanagan are the only remaining surviving children of Patrick and Kate Flanagan's 8 children.
-By the 1970s, Richard A. Flanagan's son and his family are occupying the Flanagan Ranch House.  Richard passed away in 1972 and the ranch was sold in the late 1970s.

There are quite a few holes in my timeline and summary above.  I really need to fill in the blanks and details.


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