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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Meath - Dunshaughlin

Dunshaughlin, County Meath is the most likely candidate for the origins of my Shaffrey family.  The village is named after Saint Seachnall, a contemporary of Saint Patrick, who established a church there in the 5th century.  Dunshaughlin (or more specifically, the townland of Lagore) is famous for an ancient crannóg or settlement from the 7th century where a number of Irish antiquities were discovered.

The oldest families still in this location are descendants of the Muintir Uí Fhloinn, who are recorded at the latest in 1550 and the Muintir Uí Mhuirí who are recorded at the same time. Outside the village, families such as the Uí Ruanaidh in Trevet continue to exist on the site where they were recorded to be in 1550.

Dunshaughlin is 29 km northwest of Dublin and is a satellite town of the nation's capital.  There is a VEC-run secondary school, Dunshaughlin Community College, which was recently selected as one of 12 schools worldwide to take part in Microsoft's Innovative Schools program.  Dunshaughlin also has a famous historical workhouse.

I didn't really glean much information online about Dushaughlin.  I guess I will need to go there someday and see it for myself.


  1. Dean Noah Webb came to Dunshaughlin (1672) and died (1696). Buried in Old Cemetery Dunshaughlin. His son Henry succeeded to his land. In turn followed by his son Noah. His son Noah married Caroline Benning of Carrickferus and inherited lands there from his uncle Marriott Daloway. They lived in Carrickfergus. Had 9 children. 2nd son Noah is living at Skryne,Meath (1876) and still owning lands at Dunshaughlin. I have always believed that I am descended from original Noah,s son (he had 6 children) William. There has always been a William and George in my family.I live in Dunshaughlin area and my name before marriage was Webb. I can trace my family to 1740 but am missing vital piece from 1700-1740. Would love to know all the story.

  2. Thanks for posting. I wrote this post over two years ago. Since that time, I have pinpointed my Shaffrey line in Shancarnan, Meath, in the parish of Moynalty. I still struggle with my research as I have not been able to back beyond 1830.