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Northeast County Clare, Ireland, Ancestor Lines

Northeast County Clare Research

This index represents any posts to my blog that reference my ancestral lines from Northeast County Clare, Ireland, part of which may have been in County Galway prior to 1869.  The posts include surnames from this general area that are part of my direct line.  From the Mountshannon, Whitegate area, I have found surnames of Hickey, Minogue, Hayes, and Browne.  From the Ballyvannan area, I have found Coughlin, McMahon, McNamara, and Gooney.  The Spring of 2011 was when this research really started to take off.  If you find yourself reading these index posts, please contact me. 

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Mountshannon and Whitegate Area - County Clare (Galway), Ireland:
Ballyvannan Area - County Clare, Ireland:
 General and Combined Family Lines Posts:
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