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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Surprises Never Cease - Maxwell's and Shaffrey's

Recently, my mom, a living Flanagan (descendant of the McLaughlin's, Maxwell's, Shaffrey's, Gartland's, Fox's and that is just on her father's mother's side of the family) asked me about our Maxwell's.  She was trying to get Katie Duffy's relationship straight with our family line along with the Duffy's grandchildren, the Malloy's of Napa, California.  As she always admits, our Maxwell line confuses her.  I need to print out an updated version of that line for her soon.  First, I need to make some updates to my family tree document entitled, "The Descendants of James Maxwell".

My mom asked about her Maxwell Line one day, and surprises never cease, the very next day I have someone emailing in response to my blog offering information about my Maxwell's and another person sending me a message on that they are a Maxwell/Shaffrey.  I must admit that I did blink and more connections rolled in.   Am I a genie or something?

I struggle so much finding my dad's family line, yet my mom's is almost crytal clear back to the late 1700s in Ireland (and Germany on another line).  How does that work?  My mother comes from a long line of individuals who obviously took pride in their family roots, religion, and passing along the family history inasmuch as it has survived. 

Most families would envy what I have found and have access to.  I have envy when I look at my own family lines.  I have so very much information about my Flanagan's of Napa and Termonfechin, and almost as much about my McLaughlin's and Maxwell's of Herkimer County, New York.  So, what is the deal on my McGuire/Hickey side of the family?  I vent some here but have found that it just takes time.  Patience is needed. 

I am excited to find more Maxwell's and desire to find more McGuire's (and I am looking for those Maguire's from Louth too, on my mom's side).  In the ever so wise words of my grandfather, Richard Joseph Flanagan, "wait a while".

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