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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tulocay Cemetery Visit #1 - Part 2

Patrick and Kate Flanagan are buried in an older part of Tulocay Cemetery.  What is interesting is that newer headstones of people recently passed away are in this area.  That means that people purchased their plots years ago before they ever reached an age of passing.  However, in this older area of the cemetery, I am sad to see several blank grass areas where there are some block markers but no headstones.  I wonder how common it was for people to have unmarked graves at different times in the history of this cemetery.

Also, in this area are graves that have been vandalized.  Some of the headstones have been push off the graves and/or kicked over.  It is very sad when this happens.  Overall, the cemetery is very well maintained but in some places there are missing headstones with the bases still intact.  The two headstones that we saw pushed over may have been recent vandalism.  Now, I understand why people purchase low profile headstones.  They are extremely difficult to damage.

At block 82 just to the left of Mary and Malcom Brown in lot 3 are located Patrick, Kate (Catherine Mary O'Brien), Agnes, Edward, Ignatius (Nash), and Leo (Dr. Leo Flanagan, M.D.) Flanagan.  There are no grave markers just as I had been advised.  From 1895-1930 or thereabouts, each of these Flanagan's were buried in this location.  What's the story with the lack of grave markers?  I will probably never know.

As I walked diagonally to block 84 to find Aunt Mary Flanagan, another of Pat's and Kate's children, I was absolutely surprised and delighted to find lot 27 under a beautiful oak tree lined with three headstones.  Mary, Louis, and Richard Austin Sr. are all buried there.  My Mom said that was probably the doing of Uncle Dick (Richard Austin Sr.) himself or his son Richard Austin Flanagan, Jr. and his wife, a living Flanagan.  In such a solitary somewhat mournful place, I found a nice surprise.

I can question all that I want why Mary's name is indicated as May but will probably not get the answer.  Was May her nickname or is that just a typo?  Also, I wonder why Richard Austin Flanagan Sr. is buried here but his wife is not indicated.  My mom wonders if  Mary Emma Towey Flanagan is buried with her family in San Francisco.  Maybe one of their descendants knows.

Anyway, my disappointment with no grave markers for Pat and Kate was recovered a bit with the discovery of the other three graves under the tree in that wonderful location.  I made a few other discoveries though in the same block area as Pat and Kate.

To be continued..................

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