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Friday, August 19, 2011

16 Great Great Grandparents

I recently saw a post on another's genealogy blog that suggested that everyone make some sort of pie chart showing all 16 of their great great grandparents.  It might have said to do something even fancier than what I have done below.   I figured that I'd somewhat jumped on that bandwagon and list off my 16 great great grandparents quickly below and place any photo that I have of them.  I love photos and would love to have one of each of these people.

Also, I thank my Flanagan/McLaughlin side for finding some great photos recently.  I also thank my uncle for sending me the photo of Henry and Anna Borchers and of Henry and Anna Vienop.  A special thank you to my dear cousin for sending Ellen Maxwell and Thomas McLaughlin's photos.  That was quite the coup and a wonderful surprise!  :-)

P.S. I would like everyone to know that I can receive large photo via email.  I also have a Shutterfly share site where we can all share old photos.  Email me if you would like to share more photos.   Thanks,

My Mother's Side:

Patrick Flanagan
Kate Flanagan (Catherine Mary O'Brien)
I think this is Patrick Flanagan unless it is his brother Nicholas.

(Update!!! -  The man in this photo is referred to on the back at Uncle Peter and could be Kate's brother)
That is definitely Kate!

Thomas Michael McLaughlin
Ellen McLaughlin (Ellen Maxwell)

Henry Borchers (Hans Heinrich Conrad Borchers)
Anna Borchers (Anna Marie Jackel)

John Henry Vienop, Sr. (Johann Heinrich Vinup)
Anna Vienop (Anna Marie Koch)

My Father's Side:

Charles McGuire
Sarah McGuire (Sarah McGrath)

Joseph Romaine
Frances Romaine (Frances Lakervine or a German name that starts with "L")

William Hickey
Bridget Hickey (Bridget Minogue)

Daniel Coughlin
Anne Coughlin (Anna McMahon)

In honor of my Irish heritage, I did color code my Irish relatives' names in green.  The bronze color are my German/Prussian ancestors. 

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  1. I received info today that the photo of Kate with someone who is possibly Patrick or Nicholas is probably neither of them. It could be a other relative.