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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Gartlan and Fox Family Research

I do love when someone contacts me about one of my family lines, especially, one that I am familiar with and actively researching.  Recently, someone contacted me about Thomas Fox and his family line out of Newport, New York.  It got me thinking and digging a bit.  Below are some notes that I quickly put together for my new contact.  By the way, Thomas Fox (of the Irish Settlement in Newport, New York circa 1820s-1858) is my 4th great grand uncle.  His sister, Hannah, was my 4th great grandmother.
It seems apparent to me and several other McLaughlin researchers that the Gartlan and Fox families from the Irish Settlement in Newport, New York had close family ties even back to Ireland in County Monaghan.  I can honestly say that my Fox and Gartlan research has been gathered from a few others who dug deep looking for my McLaughlin's and Gartlan's of Newport, New York.  They could not help but find the Fox's there but did not do too much extensive research at the time on the Fox and the Gartlan Lines.  Much of the research was from Roman Catholic Church records, U.S. Census, and immigration paperwork.  I do not actually have all of those source documents but I do have the family tree information. 

So here is what I know...........

1.  James Gartlan (b. 1777, Carrickmacross) and his wife, Hannah Fox Gartlan (b.1785, Clontibret) were married in Ireland and then immigrated to the U.S. via Quebec, Canada to the Irish Settlement in Newport, Herkimer County, New York in the 1820s.  Hannah is scarcely indicated  in Newport, New York because the U.S. Census only indicated the head of the household (the man in the family) until 1850.  Hannah died before the census in 1850.  She died on 9 Feb 1850 and is buried in the Irish Settlement Cemetery.  James Gartlan lived a long life and it is fairly easy to locate him in Herkimer County until he passed away.  I can pull U.S. Census and find him except in 1860.  For some reason that year evades me.  

2.  The 1830 U.S. Census is very interesting while it is brief with information.  Page 23 of 26 for the New York, Herkimer, Newport, 1830 U.S. Census, has 7 of my ancestors listed all on the same page.   What you might find interesting is that James Gartlan (his wife is counted here - Hannah Fox) is immediately followed by Thomas Fox and Michael Fox on the census.  Coincidence?  I really don't think so.  Based on information that I have gathered, Hannah, Thomas, and Michael Fox were siblings.   They are all buried in the Irish Settlement Cemetery with Hannah indicated by her married name, Hannah Gartlan.  Women do seem to get lost in history, don't they?

3.  James Gartlan and Hannah Fox's children were Mary Ellen Gartlan, Francis "Frank" Gartlan, and Hugh Gartlan.  Those children were all born in Ireland.  I actually have a photo of Mary Ellen Gartlan McLaughlin.   James Gartlan and Hannah Fox are my 4G great grandparents and Mary Ellen Gartlan McLaughlin (spouse was James McLaughlin) is my 3G grandmother.  I also have Mary Ellen's obituary.

4.  The 1850 U.S. Census for Newport, New York (page 32) had James Gartlan with his two son's (Frank and Hugh) living with them but also a James Fox (age 20) and a Margaret Fox (age 15).   I'm thinking they are James and Hannah's niece and nephew but I'm not sure.  Mary Ellen Gartlan Mclaughlin is indicated on the same page with her family.  It seems to me that the Gartlan's and Fox's stuck pretty close together in the early generations that immigrated.

5.  When Thomas Fox died in 1858, Hugh Gartlan helped his aunt, Nancy Davis, in settling his will/estate.  That information did come from another Fox or McLaughlin researcher. 

I was recently sent information of where one of the Gartlan's children was born but I need to find that email.   I've been thinking that if I find the Gartlan's in Ireland, I'll probably find the Fox's, or vice versa.  Gartlan is actually an incredibly common name in Carrickmacross, County Monaghan, Ireland.  I wonder if it might be easier to find the Fox's in Clontibret which is just up the road!

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