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Saturday, January 7, 2012

When There Were Trees In Ireland

When there were trees in Ireland animals could run through the forest fleeing from a predator or chasing prey.

When there trees in Ireland children could climb to their hearts content and chase butterflies off branches as they flew scattering away.

When there were trees in Ireland

I started writing this (and have not yet finished as that will be for another day) when I recently read something about a tree planting program in Ireland.  There really aren't a lot of trees there as there probably were in ancient times.  Most of the trees were cut down and used for various things like fuel, buildings, farm implements, furniture, and you name it.

Not unlike the United States, especially in the "West", Ireland is replanting trees hundreds of years after they were taken down and used.  Here in California, we are working to replant trees only 50-100 years after they were taken down and used.   We continue to take them down but there are tree planting programs and "tree-huggers" all over this fine state to encourage replacement of the trees and preservation of the forest.

I just had to make note of this for future reference in my online diary here at

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