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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Ernest Vienop of Napa, CA - Part 2

Hi Again,

I wanted to clarify some things that the local historical society might not have straight about the Vienop's.  It gets confusing because there were 3 Ernest Vienop's in Napa who were all related to each other.  By the way, I have pinpointed Ernest J. Vienop on the 1920 Census.  He is the correct Vienop to live in your home but he did have a family.

It was Uncle Ernest Vienop who did not have a family.  I believe that is who the historical society is getting confused with Ernest J.  Uncle Ernest was born Ernst Heinrich Friedrich Vinup and immigrated to the U.S., specifically to St. Louis with his brother Fred in 1865.  He did marry but is later indicated as a widow.  He ended up in Napa and spent much of his time with his brother John Henry Vienop (my great great grandfather) working and farming.  Uncle Ernest was the first Vienop to come and "check out" Napa in 1900 and see if it would be a good place to move to from Daykin.

The Vienop's of Napa were farmers as they did have prune and cherry orchards.  I'm not sure those orchards were very big or anything but did offer the family a crop to sell.  By trade, John Henry Sr. and Uncle Ernest were cigar makers and brought that with them from Germany.  That's what the family did for a living Germany and also what their brother Fred had done for a living in St. Louis.   The cigar making is referenced in a journal that my aunt has. 

Now, Ernest J., John Henry Jr., and Ernest Henry, were all contractors.   Ernest J. was a bricklayer, John Henry Jr. a carpenter, and Ernest Henry was a plumber.  Those were pretty much their lifelong occupations in Napa.

I hope that you find this interesting.  I will have to ask if we know where Ernest Julius' descendants are these days. 

Sometimes you've got to sleep on things to get a better handle on how to describe a family tree and the misinformation that can result from an outsider not understanding who all of the "Ernest Vienop's" were.  Mind you, I would bet anyone would think there were typos in my Vienop Family tree given the several Ernest's and John Henry's.  

Now, Uncle Ernst (yes, his name really did not have the other "e" in it), seemed to be the person who was most adventurous.  I find him arriving in the U.S. with his brother, Fred, in 1865.  He headed back to Germany to get his brother, John Henry (the younger one).  This must have been after his wife passed away but I think also after Fred had passed away in 1877.  Upon arrival back to the U.S., he spent some time in Baltimore, MD.  It would appear that he did make his way back to St. Louis, MO.  Later, he was in Daykin, NE with his older brother, the older John Henry (1850).  He finally lands in Napa, California by 1901, where he spent the rest of his life.
In 1900, Uncle Ernst was counted in Napa, California as part of the U.S. Census that year.  He was "checking things out" in Napa for the family.  Like, I said, he must have been the adventurous one in the family but also dedicated to his family.
Not only do I find written information in my own personal family history that the Vienop's were cigar makers, I find it written on U.S. Census and in the U.S. Directory for Napa, California.  It is rather interesting to note that the Vienop name is not very common in the U.S. but when I find them making cigars, I know that I found the right family.

I have more information about each Enrest Vienop of Napa, California.  They were certainly looking for a better life and I do think that they found it in Napa.


Here's a quick family tree of the Vienop's who came to Napa, CA and their immediate ancestors..................

Generation #1:
Ernest Vinup (Prussia/Germany)
Anne Marie Ilsabein Gurges (Prussia/Germany, Missouri, Nebraska)
Generation #2:
Fred Vienop (Prussia/Germany, Missouri)
Ernst Vienop
John Henry Vienop (1850) (Prussia/Germany, Ohio, Nebraska)
John Henry Vienop (1862)
Generation #3:
Ernest Julius Vienop (son of Fred)
John Henry Vienop Jr. (son of John Henry 1862)
Ernest Henry Vienop (son of John Henry 1862)
Mary Vienop (daughter of John Henry 1862)
Minnie Vienop (daughter of John Henry 1862)
Generation #4:
George Vienop (son of Ernest Julius)

The above is certainly not complete as I have not indicated the wives, or all of the children of Fred and have not indicated John Henry 1850s many children.  What it does illustrate is the family connection of the 3 Ernest Vienop's of Napa, CA.  As I've written out previously, there were ten original Vienop's to come to Napa.  Eight are indicated above.  The other two were wives of John Henry Vienop 1850 and Ernest Julius Vienop - Anna Marie Koch Vienop and Fredericka "Ricky" Schiffman Vienop, respectively.  


  1. The Vinups that are my family, well, probably yours too, came to Baltimore and were tailors. The name thing you talk about is really something that my family has done for years. My great grand father was John George, grandfather John Milton and my dad was John Vernon and my brother is John Kurt. My grandfather was called John by the family and my dad was Vernon. However, only in the family. Outside, he was John. Now my brother is called Kurt and at work he is John. However, his friends do call him Kurt. My immediate family stayed in Baltimore. They lived in the same neighborhood only houses apart, and some together, of course. But, as I see in the census of those days they were near each other. I don't see anyone of my immediate family that left town and went west. However, I think the line is all related. When I was a girl I thought we were the ONLY Vinups it the U.S. and was so surprised to find so many. Especially so many in the midwest. Lots in Ohio, Illinois, Indiana and now I find in Missouri, not to mention California. There is even a Vinup in a town very close to me in Florida. I just found out about him over this weekend. Don't know what line he is from, but do plan on calling him.

    I hope you will keep up this blog regarding the Vinups. I have, by the way, on my mother's side a very interesting and adventuresome group of people thanks to my grandmother's "people" as she used to call her relatives. So, none of us should ever be surprised at what you turn up and embrace the way we all wound up with such colorful characters as ancesters.

  2. Thanks for posting! Always great to find other Vinup's! My Vinup (Vienop's upon immigration to the U.S.) were cigar-makers by trade. They brought that with them from Germany. Do you know that exact location in Germany where your Vinup's were from? Boerninghausen/Börninghausen is where mine originate.