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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Fan Chart and Family Search

I must give kudos to the LDS for offering an amazing resource for people do complete online and in person family tree research at their family history centers. is a free online service provided by the LDS Church for anyone to work on their family tree.

While they do family tree creation for a specific religious reason, the rest of us complete this research for various reasons including a desire to connect a bit with and know our roots.   At any rate, we are all fortunate to have this available.  Not all of their services are free but any fee based service is at a bargain price.

Recently, I logged onto the site and found changes.  I decided to add my basic direct line family tree back to my great great grandparents across the board.  What I found after I entered everyone was this wonderful way to display my family tree via a fan chart.  It looks rather sharp if you ask me.

So the above chart is much easier to read on a full screen.  I used the snip-it tool to grab it off the internet.  At some point, I will try to grab a better copy of it and may even consider printing it out.  For now, it lives online.

I must admit that after I completed these quick entries of my ancestors, I found a message on the LDS site that they were no longer offering IT support for this service and encourage people to seek out a different family tree software package in order to properly maintain their tree.  The ability to create this fan chart remains out there, though, and the LDS won't be taking it down.

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