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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Comment Section and Feedback

I love hearing from people about my blog.  Whether the comment is posted on this blog or an email sent directly to me,  I appreciate feedback and support.  It motivates me to keep on going.

When it comes to the comments section directly on my blog for a given post, I do moderate and have to approve the comments.  I do this because of spam.  I haven't been spammed lately but it was happening off and on with some annoying level of volume in the past year.

In my recent posts, I have not received any spam.  I am hoping that my moderation of the posts has flushed out those who have felt the need to advertise whatever they are selling from skin products to various money scams.

The following guidelines were pulled from the Huffington Post.  They lend guidance for posting comments to blogs. 
  1. Be respectful.
  2. Add to the conversation.
  3. Place your comments well and appropriately.
  4. Don’t advertise.  Spam is just bad taste and will likely get your comment deleted or not approved for posting.
  5. But, don’t forget to identify your business or yourself.  Without posting and advertising as spam, feel free to identify yourself with your blog sign-on. 
Give me a shout out in comments.  It helps spark my ideas.


  1. I only moderate posts older than 5 days old. Most of my spam appeared in really old posts anyway, so I didn't worry that anyone ever
    saw it. Still it was a pain to click backwards through my dashboard to delete it. Since I started my new policy of moderating only old posts, I've had NO spam. (Knock on wood!)

  2. That's such a good idea! Thanks for posting this. I may just set it up that way. Spam has dwindled, thank goodness!