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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Shaffrey's - Meath - Judith Shaffrey Maxwell - Part 1

When I look online for the surname "Shaffrey", I find that it is a rather uncommon Irish surname.  In pinpointing it's origins in Ireland, County Meath surfaces over and over again.  It even surfaces as the present day common location of the surname, Shaffrey.  In fact, the Kells area appears to be indicated as a prime location to find some Shaffrey's.

A few months back, I went looking for my Shaffrey family line.  I plugged away on Ancestry, reviewed information online relating to Newport, New York, and did several Google searches.  Time and time again on my Google search results, County Meath kept popping up.  Even before I started my full on, all out search for Shaffrey's, I knew that they were from the Parish of Moynalty, County Meath area.  Now, when I do research for my family tree, I really try to pursue any and all opportunities that present themselves online, even if they seem rather unconventional.

During my Google searches, this architectural landscaping company kept popping up online associated with the surname of Shaffrey in Meath.  So what do you think I did next?  I emailed them.  I let them know that while I was not seeking a landscape architect, I was looking for my Shaffrey family line in Meath.  I added that their presence on Google puts them at the top of the first search page.  From a marketing standpoint, for their business, this is definitely something to be proud of.

The owner and general manager actually got back to me.  He was very pleasant and had asked his father about any Shaffrey's who had lived in the area.  Well.....He didn't really know much but they did know that some Shaffrey's had left for the U.S. in the 1800s-1900s.  They also indicated that this area of Meath is the place to find some Shaffrey's.  I did thank him for getting back to me.  That's the Irish for you.  They are friendly, approachable, and definitely try to help when they can.  Mr. Shaffrey didn't have to reply to my inquiry but he did and I so thank him for that.

To be continued...............


  1. Dennis G. Maxwell visited that area in person. I'll search for his comments.

  2. Janet, Thank you for posting here! I have an Alice V. Maxwell Knutty on my tree married to John Knutty. I am assuming that you are referring to them. It looks like Dennis G. Maxwell was married to Mary A Murray. I know a living descendant down the line of Dennis' brother Joseph Patrick Maxwell and another descendant, who knew Alice Knutty, down the line of Dennis' sister Mary Maxwell McLaughlin. I think that I've got that straight. I have some handwritten notes that Alice wrote. It would be fabulous if you can share what you have! My email is I would, and so would some other Maxwell descendants, be forever grateful. Thanks, Kristin. :-)