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Monday, September 27, 2010

Shaffrey's - Meath - Judith Shaffrey Maxwell - Part 3

My inventory of Shaffrey's has grown since I started looking at my paperwork.  Ok....These individuals are more than just an inventory.  They are my ancestors and are connected to several other individuals on my McLaughlin/Maxwell family tree. 

I do have a Judith Shaffrey who was my great-great-great grandmother.  There is also a John Shaffrey who was a sponsor at Judith Shaffrey's and Joseph Maxwell's wedding in 1834, Moynalty.  Maybe he was her uncle or an older brother.  Also, I find a Philip Shaffrey at the christening (in Moynalty) of my great-great grandmother, Ellen Maxwell, who is one of the daughter's of Judith Shaffrey.

In all of my research and networking online, is this as far as I've gotten?  I may have hit on some additional information but I question how these Shaffrey's are related.  They may be directly related but maybe cousin's in the way back machine in the Parish of Moynalty.

Back in May of this year, I contacted someone about their message board post on  She emailed me back with information about the Shaffrey's.  She was thinking that we were searching for the same family line.  That may be correct but we don't seem to have much in the way of source information available to prove this.

Simon Shaffrey and Catherine had John (1796), William (1799), and Daniel (1803).  Simon later married Mary.  They had Elizabeth (1816) and probably Judith (1817).  As you can see this information is sketchy at best but there's a Judith and a John.  Apparently, William went on to get married and have children.  I am assuming that most of the children did too.  Simon's first wife, Catherine, must have died and then he remarried to Mary.

On, I found the tree associated with my correspondant.  Simon Shaffrey was born circa 1779 and married Catherine Gallagher (but it might be Callahan as her surname).  They had John Shaffrey (16 Dec 1796), William Shaffrey (18 July 1799), and Daniel Shaffrey (11 July 1803).  They were born/lived in Dunshaughlin, County Meath, Ireland.  Simon's second wife was Mary Byrne, born 1795.  They had Elizabeth Shaffrey (16 Dec 1816) and maybe Judith Shaffrey (1817).

Ok, so I think I might be on to something.  Dunshaughlin is near Moynalty and probably in the Parish of Moynalty.  I've placed my Maxwell's near Moynalty in Shancarnan.  I have now hit my proverbial brick wall and still have to question what I have found.

I may need to go to Moynalty to see the actual church records.  Although, there is the LDS microfilm that I may be able to retrieve.....hmmmm.


  1. Hello, im also looking up my family tree, my grandfather was called peter shaffrey and he died in 1988 or thereabouts, i dont know his parents or anything really about his background as a boy. He lived in boyerstown co.meath as a married man and was married to Ann Swan from boyerstown. He was a gardener at ardbraccan house and a famil called the fosters or forresstors owned it. id leave my email but its too public.
    Good luck and ill be back to check if u got my message

  2. Thanks for posting. There are several of us researchers stateside in the U.S. wondering a lot about our Shaffrey ancestors. We just really don't have much information. Do you know more or have access to more info? The Shaffrey name does not appear to be a very common Irish surname. Email me -, Thanks.