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Monday, December 13, 2010

Hannah Gartland

Recently, I completed posting the Descendants of Thomas McLaughlin online.  In doing so, I noted that Hannah Gartland was an author of a few mystery novels.  A cousin sent me a quick email with the titles of two of her books that she found online.

The books are as follows:
The Globe Hollow Mystery - 1923
The House of Cards - 1922

I decided to see what else I could find about Hannah and found some info.

A review for the book:  The House of Cards, by Hannah Gartland

"No clues?  There are too many clues in this murder mystery story.  The police go in one direction, the District Attorney in another, and a clever reporter who is on the case in still another.  Not even the most confirmed reader of detective fiction will guess the real criminal.  $1.75"

-This is found in the Atlantic Monthly circa 1922.

GARTLAND, HANNAH. 1856-1947. Born in New York; graduate of Columbia University; teacher and eventual Dean of Women at Rollins College, Florida.


  1. It's a pitty there isn't anything more to find about Hannah Gartland here ...

  2. Well, this was a pretty great start. Do you have more info about here? Considering there was more than one Hannah Gartland.....Oh, I might just be prompted at this point to write about at least the two Hannah Gartland's that I know of in my family line.