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Friday, December 3, 2010

On a Whim and a Prayer - McGuire Romaine

On a whim, I decided to look closely at my granddad's (Francis Robert McGuire) baptism certificate.  He was baptized at St. Louis Roman Catholic Church in Brooklyn, New York, in 1908.   I poked around online and found that it closed in 1939.  The parish and it's records were transferred to St. Lucy's in Brooklyn until that parish combined to become St. Lucy's/St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church of Brooklyn, New York on Willoughby and Kent.

I picked up the phone and called St. Lucy's/St. Patrick's when I could not locate a website for the church.  A very nice priest answered.  He was willing to take down the names of my great-grandparents, Francis Joseph McGuire and Mary Elizabeth Romaine, and said that he'd do a search for their names as part of St. Louis' parish.  They have the records on site.

He did tell me that Romaine is French and that St. Louis was definitely the French speaking Roman Catholic Parish in Brooklyn at the time.   He also indicated that there are plenty of McGuire's (Irish surname) still around in the current parish.

Information about St. Louis Roman Catholic Church, Brooklyn, New York:
33 xx St. Louis (French) [1869; Closed 1939] - Ellery & Nostrand {21st ward}
(located at Seigel & Manhattan until 1889)
(mission 1939-1946 until absorbed by St. Lucy)

He said that when he gets a chance, he'll get back to me.  I am good with this.  I figure that I can always call back sometime and check if I haven't heard anything.  I'll be prayin'!