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Friday, November 11, 2011

Enter the Jackel Wrench

In communication with my uncle, I have found out that Anna Marie Jackel Borchers was adopted.  Friedrich Jackel and Barbara Rausch were apparently not Anna's biological parents.  This does present a giant wrench in researching this line.

I know that Anna Marie was born in Baltimore, Maryland.  Her adoptive parents lived there too.  This fact would explain that while Anna was born in 1859, she does not show up on the 1860 U.S. Census with Fred and Barbara.

Knowing that they were all Lutheran makes me question if Lutheran Church records in Baltimore, Maryland might have the identities of her biological parents.  The "older" Borchers Family members,  mainly Henry and Anna Borchers' children, knew that she was adopted.  They also knew that her birth name was Kern or a variation of Kearne, Kerns, or Kern.

Did something happen to Anna's biological parents?   I'd love to know the story and be able to trace her family line.   It is clear that she did have a family even if adopted.

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