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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hickey/Coughlin Research - Part 1

My father's side of the family has limited information about our Hickey and Coughlin family line until now.  One of my father's cousin's actually sought the information from the Clare Heritage Centre a number of years ago.  Below, I begin my summary of research followed by the extent and details of my Hickey/Coughlin line research.  My thought here is that if you wish and wait, you will find.  It doesn't hurt to rundown every lead and post on a message board here and there.

Patrick and Johanna (Coughlin) Hickey immigrated to the United States between the years of 1903 and1906.   Based on information in U.S. Census, it would appear that Johanna immigrated in 1904 and Patrick in 1905.  They were married on November 26, 1911, at the Church of the Resurrection in Rye, New York.

Patrick Hickey was born on November 20, 1884, in Derrycon, County Clare, Ireland.  His parents were William Hickey and Bridget Minogue.  Patrick was the second oldest child of at least 14 children.  He was baptized in Whitegate, County Clare, Ireland.  Prior to 1869, Derrycon, Mountshannon, and this area of northeast County Clare along the County Galway border were, in fact, part of County Galway.   The Griffith's Valuation altered the border slightly.   Previous generations of this Hickey and Minogue family were likely considered as geographically living in County Galway.

William Hickey's parents were Patrick Hickey and Eleanora Hayes.  Bridget Minogue's parents were Thady (Thaddeus or Timothy) Minogue and Mary Browne.

Johanna Coughlin was born and/or baptized on February 7, 1885.  Her church was the Bodyke Roman Catholic Chapel in the area of Ballyvannan, County Clare, Ireland in the Parish of Taumgraney.  Johanna Coughlin's family residence is indicated as Revail/Reveal, Caherhurly, Ballyvannan, County Clare, Ireland.  This location is in and around the northeast corner of County Clare.

Johanna was the third youngest of 16 children.  Her parents were Daniel Coughlin and Anna Mary McMahon.  The McMahon property was apparently designated as Revail, Ballyvannan, County Clare, Ireland.  Anna Mary McMahon's parents were Patrick McMahon and Mary McNamara.   Daniel Coughlin's parents were James Coughlin and Anne Gooney.

Now it should be noted here that the rumor was always stated that the family name was McManus rather than McMahon.  Church records indicate the family name as McMahon, however, and there is more distinct evidence that this is the correct family.  It is highly likely that Patrick McMahon's father was Daniel McMahon and that there were other McNamara's living in the area.

It is interesting to note that the Caherhurly area of Ballyvannan was a place to find some Minogue families around the early 1900s.  Were these Minogue's related to the Hickey/Minogue Family just about 30 miles north in Derrycon?

To be continued................................

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