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Saturday, August 18, 2012

McGuire - New York City - Part 3

Sometimes I think that I see double when searching a U.S. Census for my ancestors.  Well, I am seeing double in 1870 where Charles and Sarah McGuire and their family are indicated in both the New York Ward 5 District 2 census and again in the New York Ward 5 District 2 (2nd Enumeration).  It almost looks like the government went back to double check things.  The handwriting is different in the census also.  The first count was on 22 June 1870 and the second was on 31 December 1870.  There is actually nothing different to report including that Sarah is indicated as being from England.

I actually find it rather comforting that I don't find another Charles and Sarah combination with the McGuire name in New York City or the boroughs at this time.  It makes be realize that I've probably found my great great grandparents.  What a search it's been and yet they were right under my nose.

So where were Charles and Sarah McGuire in 1860?  Well, Isabella McGuire was born in Pennsylvania in around 1859.  I should find them there, right?  I am having a hard time finding them.  Maybe that is because the census indicated that Sarah did not emigrate until 1865.  Charles emigrated in 1850.  So, what about Charles' children who were born before 1865?  How did that come about?  Are they his children?   Was he married before?  Before I delve back into the earlier census, I suppose I should really search to see if I found the correct people in 1870.

The following are indicated under "New York, Births and Christenings, 1640-1962"

Maggie McGuire
Birth Date:  22 Nov 1872
Birthplace:  Manhattan, New York, New York
Father's Name:  Chas. Mcguire
Mother's Name:  Sarah Mcgrath Mcguire
Source Film Number 1322057
Cecilia Cath McGuire
Birth Date:  28 Nov 1875
Birthplace:  Manhattan, New York, New York, USA
Father's Name:  Charles Mcguire
Mother's Name:  Sarah McGrath
Source Film Number:  1322096

John Richard McGuire
Birth Date:  21 Jun 1881
Birthplace:  Manhattan, New York, New York
Father's Name:  Charles McGuire
Mother's Name:  Sarah McGrath McGuire
Source Film:  1322163

Wm. John Mcguire
Birth Date:  25 Feb 1884
Birthplace: Manhattan, New York, New York
Father's Name:  Charles Mcguire
Mother's Name:  Sarah Mcgoath
Source Film: 1322188

The following are indicated under "New York, Marriages, 1686-1980"

Francis Mcguire
Bride:  Mary Romaine
Marriage Date:  4 Sep 1903
Marriage Place:  Manhattan, New York, New York
Groom's Father:  Charles Mcguire
Groom's Mother:  Sarah Mcgrath
Bride's Father:  Joseph Romaine
Bride's Mother:  Frances Lakervine
Source Film:  1570985

Joseph Mcguire
Bride:  Julia McCabe
Marriage Date:  2 Feb 1888
Marriage Place:  Manhattan, New York, New York
Groom's Father:  Charles
Groom's Mother:  Sarah McGrath
Bride's Father:  John
Bride's Mother:  Elizabeth Garrity
Source Film:  1557049

Mary Maguire
Groom:  Robert Braine
Marriage Date:  3 Feb 1886
Marriage Place:  Manhattan, New York, New York
Groom's Father:  Thos. M. Braine
Groom's Mother:  Caroline Hall
Bride's Father:  Chas. Maguire
Bride's Mother:  Sarah Magrath
Source Film:  1570943

Above I found some answers, I think.  Four of Charles and Sarah's children show up in the birth records on the LDS site and another three children, including my great grandfather, show up in the marriage records.  I now have 7 children for sure with some sort of record attached proving that Charles McGuire and Sarah McGrath were their parents.

Now, there are still three other children that I have not totally accounted for.  I am challenged by the fact that Sarah McGrath McGuire indicated that she did not arrive until 1865.  Does this mean she did not arrive to New York until that date or to the U.S.?  There are two children who were born in Pennsylvania - Isabella and Charles.  Is Sarah their mother?
The 1900 census is throwing me for a loop.   It indicates that Sarah arrived in 1865 and had been in the U.S. for 35 years.  This census also indicated that she mothered 10 children, with 5 living.  Where are Charles and/or Sarah in the 1860 U.S. Census?

I also can't seem to find Robert who was born after Mary Anna and before Margaret.

To be continued...............

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