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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Mysteries in my Family Tree - Part 4

Who was Owen McLaughlin and why does he show up attached to my family tree?  Well, attached is hard to pinpoint.  I consider him a mystery cousin.  Another McLaughlin researcher discovered him while researching our line.  Below is my original post from almost 2 years ago.

Mystery Cousin - Owen McLaughlin - July 19, 2010

He sponsored at least one baptism and was witness to at least one wedding for the McLaughlin Clan in Newport, New York.  Owen is found living in the Village of Newark, Town of Arcadia, Wayne County, New York. He's indicated around 1830 in Newport though.  His parents John and Mary McLaughlin joined him from Ireland in Arcadia by at least 850.

We know that Owen was born in County Longford, Ireland on 20 Oct. 1814.  It appears fairly clear that he is not a child of either Patrick or Michael McLaughlin of Newport, New York.  We know this because Owen's parents are with him in Arcadia.  Is his father, John McLaughlin, a brother of Patrick and Michael?

Owen died in Newark, New York on 22 Aug 1881.  What is interesting about his obituary is that most of his surviving relatives lived in California at the time.  The link within this post to my previous post has a plethora of information about Owen and his fairly well sourced family tree.  The only thing really missing is how he connects to his probable McLaughlin relatives from Newport, New York.  And the mystery continues for now.

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