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Saturday, July 20, 2013

DNA - 23 and Me

Ever since my husband submitted his DNA to, my interest in DNA testing for genealogy purposes has increased.  While I have decided to forego the submission of my own DNA to at this point in time, I have not eliminated the desire to pursue testing of this sort to find out more about my heritage and family origins.

Recently, I caught up with a former co-worker and friend at a party.  For as long as I've known him, he has been big into researching his family tree.  He has even traveled to various locations to "find his roots" and walk in the footprints of his ancestors.  Now, he has ventured into DNA testing.

The topic of our conversation turned quickly to family tree research.  He indicated that the latest and most beneficial DNA test that he pursued was via "23 and Me".  It is much more comprehensive than the test and gives you health information about your own genetic makeup.

Well, this peaked my interest.  I came home and read about it.  Then, life got busy and I set it aside.  Again, I decided to pick up this torch and truly review the DNA options out there.

What I do know so far is that 23 and Me gives you health and ancestry information.  The website is  I also found various YouTube videos that either describe 23 and Me or give you an overview of human history and genetics.

Here are the links:

23 and Me's Channel

Human Prehistory 101: Prologue
Human Prehistory 101 Part 1: Out Of (Eastern) Africa
Human Prehistory 101 Part 2: Weathering The Storm
Human Prehistory 101 Part 3: Agriculture Rocks Our World
Human Prehistory 101: Epilogue

Genetics 101 Part 1: What Are Genes?
Genetics 101 Part 2: What are SNPs?
Genetics 101 Part 3: Where Do Get Your Genes From?
Genetics 101 Part 4: What Are Phenotypes?
Genetics 101 Part 5: Why No Y?

Lately, I have really considered submitting my DNA to 23 and Me but have also started looking over other options too.

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